My husband and I shared our home with two persian cats prior to the arrival of our beautiful Havaenese puppies! We picked the Havenese because of their temperament, energy level and trainability. We were referred to Dee by a neighbor of ours who adopted her dog from our local dog rescue. We hired Dee to help with housebreaking and teach our little guys basic commands. What we got in our initial lesson was much more! We learned how to put our pups on a solid routine, how to prevent unwanted behaviors like jumping up on the sofa, and how it’s so important that the puppies be supervised at all times during their first few months. In just a few weeks after our first lesson, the puppies were doing sit, down, stay and come on command! Dee definitely put us on a track to success with our boys. When our boys were one year old, we called Dee again to help with the dogs barking at the doorbell and barking at people as well as other animals on walks. I couldn’t believe how easily I was able to modify their behavior with Dee’s positive approach techniques! I will continue to invite Dee back into my home for all of our behavior needs. She is fun, enthusiastic, flexible, and great with the dogs!

Diane Patrick, “Sherlock” and “Watson”

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