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Puppy 101: Everything you thought you knew or forgot

Always had dogs but haven’t had a puppy in a long, long time? This is the course for you! You’ll learn the art of human-dog interaction, and how to get on the right track from the get go! Puppy 101 includes housebreaking technique, introduction to leash manners, introduction to commands, how to correct puppy behaviors like play biting, the importance of a solid feeding ritual and socialization.

STAR Puppy


In this course, puppies will learn how to handle gentle restraint, grooming and touch, walk and follow on a loose lead, how to start focusing under distraction, and begin the fundamentals of obedience (sit, down, come). An emphasis will be placed on the importance of socialization, housebreaking and how to correct unwanted puppy behaviors such as play biting. Each week we’ll make sure you and your puppy stay on track during your puppies critical learning stage — it’s never too early to start training!

Canine Good Citizen Exam

Has your dog already been trained? Or maybe your dog simply has great manners and doesn’t need any formal training. Schedule an appointment to have the CGC test administered for you and your pooch. You’ll need to fill out the Canine Good Citizen pre-test survey on the sign up page.

*Have a group of friends that may be interested in forming a group class for CGC? Give Applause Your Paws a call for a discounted group class rate.

Canine Good Citizen: Obedience and Manners Course


Have your dog learn what it means to be the best behaved dog on the block! Dogs will learn how to sit politely for friendly strangers, accept grooming and touch, heel on a loose lead, demonstrate manners while walking on the street (in public!), protocol for meeting other dogs, come when called, focus under distraction and how to deal with supervised separation. Following this course you and your dog have the option of testing for a Canine Good Citizen Title. There is no additional cost to test for the CGC at the end of this course.

*Have a group of friends that may be interested in forming a group class for CGC? Give Applause Your Paws a call for a group class rate.

Dogs & Storks: Preparing your dog for life with baby


Dogs and StorksDogs & Storks offers positive, practical and fun solutions for new and expecting families. This program clears up myths, emphasizes realistic expectations for your life with dog and baby and sets up families and their dogs for success before baby arrives. Dogs & Storks is designed to empower new and expecting families by providing education on the subtle signs dogs display and what they mean. All techniques are friendly and user-friendly for everyone! Going through a Dogs & Storks course will decrease stress by answering questions and providing solutions using positive training techniques. The ultimate aim of Dogs & Storks is to decrease the number of dogs abandoned once a baby is expected.

First time dog owners: For puppies and/or adult dogs

This program is designed to teach you the basics of living with a canine companion. You’ll learn a little bit about how dogs think and learn so you can start developing good habits for a long, happy, and stress free life together! Includes basic obedience commands, building name recognition, leash manners, and addresses any concerns you might have about your new furry friend. Maybe you just got a new puppy or you rescued an adult dog —either way, we’ll put you on the path to success!


Take training on a lesson-by-lesson basis with this 1 hour obedience session.

Behavior Modification

Does your dog have a quirky behavior? These sessions focus on problem solving to meet your needs.

Aggressive Dog Behavior Modification and Management

For dogs that are aggressive to people and/or other dogs. This program teaches owners how to recognize, handle, and modify aggressive behaviors so that you can get back to enjoying the dog you love.

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