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Here at Applause Your Paws we feel just as strongly about serving our community as we do about helping our clients have happier and more well behaved canine companions. Below are a few areas where AYP is serving the community and opportunities for you to get involved with our mission. Applause Your Paws strives to educate the dog-owning public about the importance of socialization, sterilization and positive training. Come along with AYP —give back and feel great!



Applause Your Paws has been serving the animal community through our involvement with Paws 4 You rescue. Each week, our team of trainers volunteers their time to answer both basic obedience and behavioral questions for our foster parents and new adopters. Foster parents are allowed to bring foster dogs to an AYP group class, free of charge. Ensuring that dogs adopted from Paws 4 You stay in their home (and aren’t returned for behavioral reasons) is so important to us. From courtesy follow ups to personal house visits when needed, AYP supports Paws 4 You and encourages its clients to do the same. Visit Paws 4 You to learn how to get involved as a volunteer. Or to become a foster parent for a rescued dog still waiting to find its forever home.

From career days at schools to supporting local pet fairs and other fundraising events, AYP is always happy to discuss outreach and sponsorship opportunities. If we can help your organization in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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