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How long will it take to train my dog?

Our basic obedience and manners training programs are designed to last five weeks (one 1-hour lesson per week for five consecutive weeks) because we feel that if you commit to at least 10 minutes of homework each day during your program you can have a dog that is reliably trained to basic obedience in just five short weeks! Of course, Service Dog Training and other specialized training can take longer, but basic obedience (sit, down, stay, come, walk nice on leash, leave it, don’t jump up) is a fairly quick process and can be accomplished in as little as 14 days depending on which package you enroll in. You can either sign up for training that allows you to be a part of the process or have a trainer work with your dog when you’re not home. Although your dog will get trained faster with us doing the heavy lifting, we find that long term retention of good doggie manners is accomplished through your involvement in the day-to-day of your dog’s training.

What methods do you use to train dogs?

We use the principles of operant conditioning to train dogs – scientifically proven methods of how animals learn. While training dogs we do not use metal collars, shock collars, force or intimidation to train but instead believe that with patience, food, and praise your dog can accomplish the goals you set for him. We also do what is called clicker training, where we use a mechanical maker (a box that makes a clicking sound) to teach your dog humanely, effectively and QUICKLY! Our training methods are upbeat and fun for both dogs and humans.

What are you training rates?

Although all of the trainers on our staff do have a set hourly rate, the cost of your training program depends on a) your needs, b) your goals for your dog, c) and the amount of time you currently have available to work with your dog.

All of our training programs are customized for YOU.

Do you offer discounted packages for training?

We sure do! When our clients choose to purchase a training package instead of a single lesson the price per lesson is reduced. We offer price breaks at 5, 10, 15 and 20 lessons. The number of lessons you’d like to secure when you purchase your package determines what kind of discount you’ll receive off your trainer’s hourly rate.

Do you have to use treats to train my dog?

Do we have to? No. Will we? Yes. Well, Kind of yes. We actually prefer to use your dog’s own food for training. Ideally your dog will not eat an “treats” but will instead learn to work for his daily meal that you have to feed him anyway. We do use treats to encourage more advanced behaviors, or when working with aggressive dogs (that’s where we break out the hot dogs and chicken!). Science tells us that using food as a reward is the quickest way to teach and reinforce behavior. Trust us, using food is the way to go and no…you will not have to use the food forever. We will show you how to make sure of that!

Can my children participate in the dog training sessions?

Yes! We love working with kids. All kids can learn how to engage with friendly dogs during an obedience training session. Often times kids make the BEST dog trainers because they truly understand that working with your dog is FUN! We once had a client who was only 2 years old…no joke! Every time the dog did something right we would let her give the puppy it’s treat/food. It was win-win for everyone and created a beautiful relationship between the dog and the child.

Is the trainer coming to my house?

When you hire us for private training it is your private hour however you’d like to spend it. Typically the trainer will come to your home, but if you prefer your lesson to be held in a public park or another location just let us know and we will meet you there! The location of your lesson depends on what goals you have for your dog and we are happy to accommodate however we need to.

At what age do you recommend starting dog training?

We recommend you start training your puppy at 8 weeks old (the day you bring home your puppy!). But, it is never too late to start dog training. Even old dogs can learn new tricks. The oldest dog we’ve ever had in a group class was 9 years old and she did just as well as all the younger dogs.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We take all forms of payment. Yes, we are high tech dog trainers and have swipers for our smartphones in case you want to use a credit card on site!

What kind of training would you recommend for my dog?

We get this question a lot but it’s a tough one to answer. This really depends on you, your time commitments and your dog. Every dog is different (and so are our human clients!), So we always recommend starting with just one lesson. During our first session together we can better assess the best program and course of action that will set you and your dog up for success. But, to answer the question – the kind of training we recommend for your dog is the FUN KIND! Training your dog is about building a happy and healthy relationship with your doggie. We believe that if we can make dog training easy and fun for you it will be easier for you to commit to following through with our programs. Training your dog isn’t supposed to be work, it’s supposed to be fun. It’s playtime with your dog. It’s bonding time with your dog. The fact that he gets well trained in the process is just icing on the cake if you ask us!!

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