If you’re the owner of a yipping Yorkie or a baying Beagle, then you’ve clicked on the right place. We all love our dogs, but some of us could do without the constant “ruff ruff” in our every day lives. We obviously can’t stop our furry friends from barking entirely; it’s the way that they communicate as well as relieve energy and stress. However, we all want a good way to curb this cacophonous behavior! Let’s start with the why. Dogs bark for a variety of reasons: excitement, fear, aggression, the works! Each of those barking styles indicates a different emotion. Finding out which one your dog is exhibiting is the first step to fixing it.

The easiest pups to adjust are those who just have too much energy. Any dog that’s the energizer bunny is boastfully barking to let it all out. His build up of boredom has him woofing up a storm. Play time, puzzle games, and active engagement keep a bored barker busy. They won’t continue to entertain themselves with the passerby through the windows or the irritating sounds of the lawn man, they have a better and more interesting job to do.

Not frequently at home or away for most of the day? Send your pent up pup to daycare! Professional care specialists keep your dog happy and hyped up so that they can leisurely lounge when they get back home. A snoozing pooch can’t pucker up his muzzle, and a tired dog is always a content one.

Think your buddy barks for a different reason? We can assess him and offer you some help! Applause Your Paws has highly qualified trainers who have experience adjusting unwanted behaviors. If you’re having issues with excessive barking search no further and contact us! Our trainers can recommend a regimen for you and your pup to help harness your hound’s howling.

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