Here at AYP we offer board and train programs, doggie bootcamp day training programs, private lessons, in home or in facility, as well as group training classes. Our bootcamp programs start at $300. Ask us about customizing a program to fit your dog’s needs. Here’s quick clip of some training from this morning.

What’s up with all the crates you ask? Our trainer Jonathan is giving the dogs a lesson in staying calm in their crates, being patient and being quiet. After everyone has had their first training session of the day they’ll be released to run and play on the big floor! Yes… a very important part of training is your dog being able to feel relaxed, confident and calm while they’re waiting for their turn. We meet a lot of spoiled dogs! And to us, there’s a big difference between pampering your dog and loving him endlessness and spoiling your dog. Dogs need structure, leadership and guidance as to how to behave themselves. Through daily training this can be accomplished so that you have a wonderful family dog to enjoy. A dog that has polite manners, so that you enjoy taking him everywhere with you and all the people in your life enjoy your dog as much as you do.

Need help with your dog or puppy in Miami-Dade or Broward County? We offer group classes, private lessons, in home, in facility, boarding and training programs, dog day care bootcamp programs. We have a program that can fit your training needs. All of our instructors are certified which sets us apart from every other dog training company in town. You will not find another company with the same level of professionalism or education anywhere else in Miami. Give us a call! We’d be happy to help turn your dog into a canine good citizen.

Miami Dog and Puppy Training 786-529-7833
4423 SW 74th Avenue, Miami FL 33155
(Just east of Tropical Park in South Miami)

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