Dating back to the year 1999, this event was made and
organized by an animal-loving group of people. This week was made in the hopes to raise awareness and educate people on how to treat and take care of animals
properly all around the world.

You may ask yourself, who are these people that need to
learn how to treat animals?

While it is true most pet owners treat their animals like
royalty, some pets are not that lucky.

Some people are not aware of the conditions that Puppy Mills, Zoos, Circuses and some pet shops are in.

This week is to really learn about all the ways we can help support this cause. Some ways that people can help out are to buy organic free range meat, report animal cruelty, and adopts pets and not buy from pet’s shops.  Volunteering at local events to help spread awareness is a great way to get involved as well. 

Animal Charities are also a great way to get involved; there are plenty of organization, that focus on rescuing and keeping a safe eye on animals through out the nation. A lot of charities are non-profit organizations that just do what they do for the love of the animals.

Fun fact of AYP, we work with multiple rescues and organizations in hopes to help train a dog well enough that they can be rehabbed from past experiences and placed in a great loving home. We are proud of the dogs we can help and give a new life to.

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