When bringing home a new puppy, the critical socialization period is from 8-11 weeks of age. Unfortunately missing this window can result in your puppy going through a “fear period”, or just being behaviorally damaged for most its life. Most new puppy owners do not realize the damage not socializing a puppy during this period can do. One bad experience handled the wrong way can cause impression to last a lifetime and may resurface later in age.

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What can you do to socialize?

• Expose your puppy to loud noises.
• Let them interact with other people.
• Take them different places so they can be environmentally sound.
• Start training as soon as 8 weeks or as soon as you get your puppy.

It can be difficult for working owners to dedicate the time it actually takes to raise a puppy. So we decided to help you and your fur baby out. Set your dog up for success from Day 1 with a strong foundation in socialization, manners, and obedience. Your young pup will live comfortably in a home with one-on-one attention and 24/7 care; be exposed to a variety of experiences, people, children, and dogs; learn manners, obedience, and commands; and come home leash and potty trained!

This program is the best a busy owner can do for their puppy to ensure they are the best they can be. Puppies can begin to learn as early as a couple weeks old. During this time period their puppy brains are like sponges and imprinting is one of the most crucial things they can go through. Did you know that a puppy could learn more in the first 16 weeks of age than a whole lifetime? Socializing a puppy is also a very important part of their development as it gives them the confidence and exposure they will need to succeed when they are older.

Raising a puppy can be tough, so what better way to ensure they learn what they need, by leaving them with one of our in home trainers gaining everything they need.

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