In a single 90 minute training Dee showed us how to create boundaries in our home. Now Bagel never goes upstairs, bolts out the door, chases other dogs and walk on a leash.

-Scott Siegel

Dee came to help us when we brought our rescue doggie Bagel into our home. Never being dog owners before, Dee came as soon as we brought Bagel home and did an immediate intervention as to how to keep him from running out the door, how to keep him down the stairs and most importantly how to give solid and clear commands. She helped us get over that nervous hurdle many first time dog owners have when you bring your pet home for the first time. Now we cannot remember a time when Bagel was NOT in our family!

-Sandy Siegel


The Siegel family includes Scott, Sandi, their two daughters Rachel and Hannah, and “Bagel”

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