Hi Dee,


I just wanted to write a note to say thank you for everything you did for me and Max. I had the most wonderful experience in your class. I have to say that the money I paid for your training class may have been the most worthwhile $$ I’ve ever spent!  I went from

having a dog who ignored me when I called him to one who now comes running.  In addition, taking class together created a stronger bond between Max and I, which I didn’t think was possible.  I thought he was the best dog in the world before I came to class.  I was wrong – now he’s even better!  He’s much calmer around strangers, will sit to be petted, will greet other dogs nicely and never pulls on his leash.  I’m even starting to teach him new tricks – training with you made that possible.


You have a wonderful presence and make training fun and educational.  If I ever get another dog (which I may do soon) I will be calling you to sign up for another class.  J Thanks again!




Yvonne Mejias and “Max”

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