Before I had Dee’s help, my life managing my dogs out on walks was in need of some serious help. I have two dogs: one is Casi, an 8 year old 60 lb shepherd mix that I’ve had since she was a baby. And Bailey, a 4 year old 20 lb rat terrier mix that I had rescued 6 months prior. I needed help with Casi the most on walks. Whenever she would see another dog she would go berserk, flailing herself around in the most noticeable way possible by lunging at other dogs, jumping, and barking really really loud. I couldn’t control her on walks when she’d see another dog so I would walk her at times when people would less likely be out, and avoiding other dogs at all costs. Even her seeing another dog across the street would get her going. Dee taught me how to walk them together calmly side by side, and techniques on how to calm Casi when other dogs came into view. After working with Dee, life is much more manageable walking them. I can actually enjoy walks now!

Lauren Seff, “Bailey” and “Casi”

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