Hi Dee,

It’s been a week since Boo’s first training with Mike.  He is a different dog!  Mike is everything you said he was, fantastic!  Boo just melted when he met him.  He taught us so much and he did so well that we remembered much of it.  He was a great teacher, gentle, yet firm. The night after we had our session with Mike Boo was very calm, I thought it might be that he was just very tired.  The next day, though, he was the same.  He’s been great on walks, goes to his crate easily, looks for approval, and though he wants to snap when taking a treat, it only takes one time of turning my hand down for him to be gentle.  We came across a set of people with two dogs.  Livvy started barking like usual, so did he.  I calmed him with a treat and praise and he obeyed!  We have a long way to go, but already he knows we’re the boss.

Thanks again to “Uncle Mike” for taming all of us.  He is great!


Carol Knotts-Jackson, Boo’s mom

Palmetto Bay, Florida

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