I met Dee while she was on holiday in the UK, and we got talking about dogs, and more to the point the fact that I am the proud owner of a lovely miniature schnauzer called Bella.

Bella is a great puppy she was just 5 months old, and I am a first timer, not to say I’m not enthusiastic – I’ve read several doggy behaviour books, and watched most episodes of Caesar Milan and Victoria Stillwell’s TV programs, but there was a constant nagging in my head…am I doing this right, why doesn’t she do what I want her to etc?

In the minute or two I was introduced to Dee her enthusiasm and love for dogs was so obvious, I thought I had to take my chance and see if she might help me with Bella. Even though Dee was on holiday she said yes (and enthusiastically too!), and we met up in Oxford.

What I’d learnt from all the books and TV programs is what training a dog should look like, but in just a few hours I’d learnt what it feels like too! The problem with knowing what you’re meant to do is there’s no context to it, what Dee does brilliantly, is she explains why Bella was doing certain things, and why I should be training her in a certain way. In a matter of 2 hours Bella’s behaviour had changed significantly, she was doing things I thought she wouldn’t learn to do for months such as ‘leaving it’, not jumping up at passing dogs and owners, and coming back when commanded despite attractive distractions.

Since that weekend my understanding of Bella has deepened considerably. Walking her (which used to be a problem – she’d sit and stop whenever she felt like it) is now easy and fluent, and she walks to heel brilliantly.

All in all I cannot recommend Dee enough, she was fantastic and Bella and I are eternally grateful for the couple of hours we spent together, all the books, and TV programmes in the world couldn’t substitute that experience.

Thanks you so much Dee!



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