We have used Applause Your Paws for three of our dogs. “Uncle” Mike is the most fabulous trainer any dog would love to have. Mike worked with our Standard Poodle, Dolly, until she passed unexpectedly. In the short time he worked with her, Dolly responded to Mike’s positive training methods and actually wanted to learn from him.

Our Australian Silkie Terrier, Sadie, resisted all training by several other trainers. Enter Mike and the magic happened. Sadie looks forward to Mike’s visits and his training. Our dogs have all been rescues with unique problems. Mike even met our greatest challenge, Lily, also a rescue Standard Poodle.

In just six weeks, Mike has taken a scared, abused and unsocialized dog and turned her into a confident, trainable, eager girl. Mike and Applause Your Paws have the greatest empathy and rapport with their students and their students’ families. Thank you.

Eileen Farr, Coconut Grove, Florida

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